I grunt, I scream & I fight as I struggle against da invisible chains that bound me to the walls of yesterday. The tear-stained walls behind which a little trapped girl many years ago tried to climb over & move into a different time frame. The walls of pain wit dry blood stains that show her failure to escape her reality. The reality that haunts her despite the clock having ticked & tocked the core of her misfortune away .Time may have blinded or groomed her but it never undid what was or made da nightmares more bearable. The crooked smile of the one I hold most dear 2 this heart of mine screams hope but the agony from deep within adds -lessness discolouring da initial idea. Not even self -fulfilling words of comfort can plead with da ruthless metal of torture. I’m in a place where shadows & skeletons loom about threatening to indulge me in their hell. There isn’t even a beam of light in the gull of the abyss of depression that holds me prisoner

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