Your hands move in circular motions as they trace the contours beneath & tease the little lines scattered about. The way you move almost has me in a trance because there’s just so much you do & yet you stay in that same position. You have so much power at your disposal, the power to make & destroy, because as you stand there & keep ticking & tocking you give me & every other person the chance to make things happen. You explore the same contours lines over & over again yet every time you pass that simple stroke of a line, you make it seem so magical & tantalising as if you’d never been there before. And yet you have & the proof lies in the dozens that have passed on & the deepening wrinkles I see on my mama’s face. Because while I had been endlessly watching you, you had moved on & done your bit. Just like you did before my time & will do well after my time. Time….u r immortal and cruel…..yet you are so fair in your cruelty. -Kiki (^^,)

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