It didn’t even look like you anymore,
The red eyes and blotched skin…
I see that vein sticking out of your head, I see the pained expression on your face.
How could something so beautiful look so ugly…Worn out and lifeless.
….Love and life….
So beautiful, so precious, so sacred.
And yet you tore me from me.
What once made me smile, that feeling I once embraced is now the reason I can’t see me when I look in the mirror.
The reason my heart is a worn out, saggy bag of nothingness…
It bleeds for him… Yearns for those old wonderful days
When he called me his wifey
And I’d see is beautiful bent frame walk around proudly when we were around
I miss you gramps
I can’t see me anymore because when you left my whole world left with you.
There’s so much more I wanted to do to make you happy
I wanted to know you more…
Now I’m left with this huge gaping hole in my heart that is sucking the life out of me…
And that thing, life, keeps happening to me.
It keeps moving…
And I want to stop and move back and stay in those last moments…

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